Proven  &  Successful leadership working across party lines

I am a Candidate for US Congress with a proven record of being practical and working across party lines.  I am a true Virginia native, that has served three governors of the Commonwealth to promote Virginia and her prosperity. I am supportive of the Military and attended Randolph Macon Academy, a military academy in the Shenandoah Valley.  You may have seen me on NBC/Bravo, E!, Discovery Channel or the History Channel as a television personality. 

I will bring much needed new and dynamic energy to Virginia’s government.  I am empathetic to the challenges faced by small business owners in agriculture, manufacturing, tourism, service and other industries, who are the foundation of our economic growth.   I am best characterized as business friendly and fiscally conservative while being socially moderate.  

Some of my platforms include but are not limited to, More Jobs, Less Taxes, Less Government, Less traffic and Pro Military.   For more information about the Candidate, please follow me on my Twitter handle  or join my news & support page on facebook at:   Those that wish to volunteer should email:

I am not here to solicit for donations, but instead - I ask only for your Vote in keeping Virginia on Track!

I hope to see you on my listening tour throughout 2014!


Tareq Salahi

US Congressional Candidate ( 7th District of Virginia)

Candidate Tareq Salahi pictured with a US Marine in Virginia



Theodore Roosevelt

"Believe you can and you’re halfway there."

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Republican Senatorial Inner Circle